Casio PV-1000

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Casio PV-1000
Manufacturer Casio
Generation Third generation
Release date October 1983 (JP)
Media type ROM Cartridge
Input 2 joystick ports
Successor Casio Loopy

The Casio PV-1000 launched in Japan in October, 1983, for 14,800¥.  The console was based on technology from the previous generation, such as the ColecoVision. Faced with competition from the likes of the Sega SG-1000 and the Nintendo Famicom, the PV-1000 did not last long, in some places disappearing within a matter of weeks. Though the PV-1000 console failed, Casio remodeled the console into a computer known as the PV-2000 which is compatible with PV-1000 controllers but not games and released it in December, 1983.

Technical specifications

  • CPU: Z80A microprocessor clocked at 3.579 MHz with 2KB RAM
  • Display: Outputs in 256×192, with 8 colors.
  • Uses a D65010G031 chip for video & audio (might be based on a TMS9918 chip)

Only 15 games for the Casio PV-1000 were released: Amidar, Dig-Dug, Dirty Chameleon, Excite Mahjong, Fighting Bug, Naughty Boy, Pachinko UFO, Pooyan, Space Panic, Super Cobra, Turpin, Tutankhamon, Warp & Warp.