Casio Loopy

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Casio Loopy
Casio Loopy "My Seal Computer SV-100"
Manufacturer Casio
Generation Fifth generation
Release date October, 1995 (JP)
Media type ROM cartridge
Input 1 controller port
Predecessor Casio PV-1000

In 1995 Casio, made a second unique venture in gaming, which also failed to gain popularity.  (ルーピー, Rupii) Loopy - My Seal Computer SV-1000 was the first game console marketed entirely towards young females.  It features only one controller port, limiting any possibility of two-player gaming and the console itself has a built-in "Seal" printer, or thermal sticker printer, that uses heat to burn an image onto chemically treated stickers.  This seal process is similar in function to the Game Boy Printer, but not in black-and-white. An optional accessory, called Magical Shop, allowed the machine to be used with outside devices (such as VCRs and DVD players) to obtain images from them, add text, and make stickers from those as well.

The controller is quite simple with a single D-pad, a start button, and four buttons arranged in an arc to the right side.  The alternative peripheral was a mouse controller, which was sometimes bundled with one of two games.  The only other hardware items available for the Loopy were replacement Seal cartridges.

Only 10 games were released for it.