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"Prinz" and "Prinztronic" were own-brand trade names of the British "Dixons" photographic and electronic goods stores, which have been rebranded as "" stores, and are part of DSG international.

Prinztronic Micro 10[edit]

Part of the PC-50X family.

Prinztronic Micro 5500[edit]

This is a typical system using catridges based on the different chipsets developped by General Instruments in the late 70s. Part of the PC-50X family.

Prinztronic Grandprix[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament 6[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament 10[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament (VM-8)[edit]

Basically a re-branded Videomaster Superscore VM-8.

Prinztronic Tournament II[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament II Deluxe (600002)[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament III[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament IV[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament Mini[edit]

The Prinztronic Tournament Mini is a smaller hand held/home console from 1977. It uses a coaxial cable and six AA batteries to work, it also needs a CRT (cathoradetube) TV with the tuning dials on it.

Prinztronic Tournament Colour Programmable TV Game 2000[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament Colour Programmable 5000[edit]

Prinztronic Tournament VC 6000 (1292 family)[edit]

Part of the 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family.

Prinztronic Video Sport 600[edit]

This system is original because of its large selector in the middle of the front panel. It offers the classic 6 games of the General Instruments AY-3-8500 chipset, including two shooting games playable with an optional light gun.

The system was followed by the Videosport 800, which offers more games (8) and a colour display.

Prinztronic Video Sport 800[edit]

The successor of model 600, offers 8 games and a colour display.