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Poppy is a german company also known as Transonic. They also released their own line of 9015 cartridges (two series of Poppy carts were available; one with the classic silver "metalic" labels made of thin sheet metal and the later coloured paper labels).

Poppy 9009

Poppy 9012

Poppy 9015

Poppy 9017

Poppy TVG-3

This system is quite interesting although it looks like the very common TG-621 system, but if you have a closer look you can see that it provides only 3 games than the typical 4 games and the controllers had a second for horizontal motion. Not much is known about this system but it surfaced only 2 or 3 times so far. It is surely one of the rarest Poppy consoles. This was also sold by Conic as the model TG-721.

Poppy TVG-4

Poppy TVG-10

Poppy TVG-10
Poppy TVG-10.jpg
Manufacturer Poppy
Generation First generation

This is a common 3rd generation Pong system, using the usual seven 9015 cartridges, sold in Europe under different brands like Novex, Ingersoll and Poppy.

With its interesting front loading cartridge slot it doesn´t look much like a video game system. This is the version sold by Poppy in Germany. The controllers are very solid and easy to handle and were of much better quality than those used by the famous Atari 2600.

Poppy MPT-03 Tele Computer Spiel