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The 9015 system is one of the many underrated 3rd generation Pong related consoles made in Hong Kong. It was supposably manufactured by Conic and surfaced around 1978. The system was mainly sold in Europe and Australia. It never reached the big U.S. video game market. The "9015" was also known as model 4A-8 and offered a small catalog of 7-8 cartridges.

unknown brand TV-10

The nice looking, futuristic designed console with solid, well playable paddles was sold by Conic throughout Europe. In Italy it was sold by CGME/Nicole and in Germany by Unimex, Mustang, Poppy & Sanwa and an unknown brand called TV-10. A few consoles also reached Australia and were distributed there by Sheen.
Three different case "colors" were available: consoles with white case and black top, consoles with silver case and black top and consoles with black case and silver top


  1. 9015-A: Ballspielen (Pong)
  2. 9015-B: Motorrad-Rennen (Cycling)
  3. 9015-C: (Tanks)
  4. 9015-D: Auto-Rennen (Car Racing)
  5. 9015-E: Super Crash (Wipeout)
  6. 9015-F:
  7. 9015-G: U-Bootjagd (Submarine)
  8. 9015-H: Schiess und Sportwettkampf (Shooting)