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Xbox One
Manufacturer Microsoft
Generation Eighth generation
Release date 2013
Media type Blu-Ray discs, hard disk drive

The Xbox One is an eighth-generation home video game console produced by Microsoft on November 22, 2013 and was retailed for $499. It had an AMD 8-core APU at 1.75 GHz and 8GB of RAM. It has an AMD GPU on the AMD Radeon GCN architecture. Early in its life, it was heavily criticized for intrusive DRM, such as always-online and lack of used game sharing. These have since been removed. Notably, this console runs on the x86 architecture with a modified Windows OS, so it is essentially a watered-down PC.

Hardware Specifications[edit]

Technical Specifications
Processor Custom 1.75 GHz AMD 8-core APU (2 quad-core Jaguar modules)
Memory 8 GB DDR3
Video AMD Radeon GCN architecture based
Display 1080p(i)/720p(i) @ 60/59/24 Hz, Nvidia G-Sync/AMD FreeSync technology supported
Audio 7.1 surround sound supported
  • Xbox Wireless controller
  • Kinect for Xbox One (optional)
  • keyboards, mice & third party controllers supported in certain applications and games
  • Xbox Adaptive controller for handicapped people (optional)
I/O ports
  • Kinect for Xbox One
  • S/PDIF audio output
  • HDMI Video input for video capturing and passthrough
  • 3x USB 3.0 ports
Media Blue-Ray optical discs & 500GB/1TB hard disk
  • 3.5kg (original, power adapter excluded)
  • 2.9kg (One S)
  • 3.1 in × 13.1 in × 10.8 in (original)
  • 2.5 in × 11.6 in × 9.0 in (One S)
  • External power adapter, 110/220/240V (not wide range) input, 12V 16.5A + 5V 1A output (original)
  • 100~240V wider range AC, built-in power transformer (One S)


Power adapter voltage modification (110V to 220V)[edit]

Xbox One power adapters are not wide range, which is not common for modern electronic equipment. However 110V power adapters could be modified to accept 220V.

Danger: This operation is only available for model PB-2221-02MX manufactured by LiteOn. Do not attempt such modifications on other models or manufacturers, even if you can find similar components mentioned here inside the power supply. Failing to do so could result in unstable performance, dead power supply, or electric shock/fire/explosion in extreme cases.

  1. Open the case and get the main PCB out.
  2. Desolder this resistor on the component side, marked in the blue circle in the 1st image below.
  3. Desolder components marked R153 and C154 on the back side, marked in the red square in the 2nd and 3rd image below .
  4. Either cut open this connection on the back side marked by the yellow line in the 4th image below, or desolder the component marked in the red box in the 5th image below.
  5. Reinstall the main PCB and reassemble the case.

Region Lock[edit]

Xbox One consoles released in China are specifically region-locked due to legal reasons. Differences and limitations include:

  • Chinese Xbox One units can read and run Xbox One discs from any region, but regular Xbox One units cannot read and run Xbox One discs for China (these discs have "Xbox China" stickers on them so easy to identify before purchasing).
  • Chinese Xbox One units cannot access Xbox Live regions besides mainland China, and vice versa, regular Xbox One units cannot access Xbox Live for mainland China.
  • Interface language of Chinese Xbox One units is locked to zh-CN.

If the version of Xbox OS is equal to or below rs_xbox_release_2004.200415-0000, the region lock could be disengaged/re-engaged by putting an empty file named $ConsoleRegion0/$ConsoleRegion1 in a USB thumb drive and then connecting it to the Xbox before the system is starting up. And if the version of Xbox OS is equal to or above XB_FLT_2106VB\19041.8033.210514-0000, the region lock could be disengaged by putting an empty file named $ConsoleGen8 in a USB thumb drive and then connecting it to the Xbox before the system is starting up.


  • $ConsoleGen8 requires active Internet connection to Xbox Live.
  • $ConsoleRegion1 is not available for non-Chinese Xbox One units.
  • Factory resetting the console will re-engage its region lock.

It is not recommended for those who own a Chinese Xbox One unit to factory reset the console or manually re-engage the region lock unless absolutely necessary (reselling the console, already owning a large collection of physical Xbox China discs, etc.) as these region lock manipulating measures are not meant to be used by end-term users and Microsoft could deprecate them without any notices, leaving users with handicapped Xbox units. Such incidents have already happened between OS version rs_xbox_release_2005.200512-1756 and XB_FLT_2106VB\19041.8033.210514-0000, which $ConsoleRegion0 has been deprecated and $ConsoleGen8 was not yet implemented.