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HGS Electronic was a german manufacturer of radios and consoles towards the end of the 70s.


HGS Mr. Altus Das Tele Gehirn[edit]

It's a rare german console sold in Germany known as the Mr. Altus. It is based on the Philips Signetics hardware platform and the 2637 chipset. Variants of the systems were sold worldwide under many different brands: Emerson Arcadia (worldwide), Advision Home Arcade (France), Bandai Arcadia (Japan), GiG Electronics Leonardo (Italy), Hanimex HMG-2650, Leisure-Dynamics Leisure-Vision (USA), Intercord XL 2000 system, Eduscho / Tchibo Tele-Fever, Schmidt TVG 2000 (Germany).

HGS Color Video Game 406-6[edit]

HGS Telesport[edit]

HGS Telesport
HGS Telesport.jpg
Manufacturer HGS
Generation First generation
Release date 1978
Media type PC-50X Cartridge
Compatibility PC-50X Family

Comes in green or orange variants (only the buttons and knobs).