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==Körting Tele-Multiplay L (825-050)==
==Körting Tele-Multiplay L (825-050)==
==Körting Tele-Multiplay 4000 (825-301)==
==Körting Tele-Multiplay 4000 (825-301)==
(sold by Neckermann)
Black & White plastic design.
==Körting Tele-Multiplay 6000 (825-328)==
==Körting Tele-Multiplay 6000 (825-328)==
{{Template:Infobox console
{{Template:Infobox console

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German manufacturer, also written as Koerting which produced rather large Pong systems.

Körting Tele-Multiplay (825-042)

Körting Tele-Multiplay L (825-050)

Körting Tele-Multiplay 4000 (825-301)

Black & White plastic design.

Körting Tele-Multiplay 6000 (825-328)

Körting / Koerting
Körting Tele Multiplay 6000.jpg
Model 825-328
Manufacturer Körting
Generation First Generation
Release date 1977
Input 2 controllers

The casing has a black bottom and a white top and it comes with very big unhandy controls. This is the follower of model 4000 and offers 2 additional shooting games. The case of the system looks a lot like the Palladium Tele-Play SR. It's quite possible that Körting sold a Palladium pong under its own brand.

CPU TMS-1965 (Texas Instruments)
BUTTONS Game selection, Reset, Start
SWITCHES Power on/off, pong options settings
BUILT IN GAMES Tennis, Football, Squash, Pelota, Shoot 1, Shoot 2
CONTROLLERS Two detachable controllers with vertical slider and knob + Gun
SCORE On screen
SOUND Built-in speaker
I/O PORTS RF TV video output, gun connector
POWER SUPPLY External power supply 9V or 6x1.5v "C"(R12) batteries

Körting Tele-Multiplay 8000 (825-336)

Offers 8 ball games in color thanks to its AY-3-8600 chipset

CPU AY-3-8600 (Texas Instruments)
BUTTONS Game selection, Reset
SWITCHES Power on/off, difficulty settings
BUILT IN GAMES Solo, Basketball, Gridball, Tennis, Hockey, Football, Squash, Pelota
CONTROLLERS Two detachable joysticks with fire button.
SCORE On screen
COLOR / B&W Color
SOUND Built-in speaker
I/O PORTS RF TV video output
POWER SUPPLY External power supply 9V or 6x1.5v "C"(R12) batteries

Körting TVC 4000

This is a very rare clone of the legendary Interton VC 4000. This was found in Argentinia and it is labeled by German producer Körting. Strangely none of these systems were found in Germany so far.