Interton VC 4000

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Interton VC 4000
Manufacturer Interton
Generation Second generation
Release date 1978
Media type ROM cartridges
Input controller 2 controller ports

The VC 4000 is an early 8-bit cartridge-based game console released in 1978 by Interton, it being quite obscure outside Germany. but many software compatible systems can be found in many European countries. Interton bought the license and design rights to the processor from Signetics (At the time owned by Philips) to produce the VC 4000, as have many other brands that produced similar systems the following years.

Technical specifications[edit]

The VC-4000 is powered by a Signetics 2650A CPU (same as the Arcadia 2001) and a Signetics 2636 Video Controller. The two controllers are composed of a 12-key keypad, 2 fire buttons and an analog joystick. On the control panel of the system, one can find an on/off switch and three buttons: RESET, SELECT and START.

The console was produced by different companies and sold with different names. Not every console is compatible with others due to differences in the shapes and dimensions of the cartridge slots but all of the consoles are software compatible.

  • CPU: Signetics 2650A at 4.43 MHz
  • Video controller: Signetics 2636
  • Data Memory: 37 bytes
  • Controllers: 2 x 12-button with 2 fire buttons and an analog joystick.


All are technically compatible with the VC 4000 but the cartridge slots are different. They are not really "clones" of the Interton, just capable of running the same programs due to similar internals. Games had to be loaded into the internal RAM instead of run straight from the cartridge (this was usually done by pressing on the "Load" button twice). The consoles are grouped by slot compatibility.

The Interton VC-4000 family[edit]

  • Interton VC-4000
  • Grundig Super Play Computer 4000

The 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family[edit]

Main article: 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System

The Database family[edit]

  • Videomaster Database
  • Waddington/Voltmace Database

The Television Computer System family[edit]

  • Rowtron Television Computer System

The Video TV Game family[edit]

  • Karvan Jeu Video TV (Karvan Video TV Game)
  • Societe Occitane Electronique OC-2000 (Occitane Electronic Company OC-2000)

The MPT-05 family[edit]

  • ITMC MPT-05


The 40 games for the VC 4000 were released on ROM cartridges known as cassettes.