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About the Wiki[edit]

Game Tech Wiki is dedicated to collecting detailed technical information on everything related to gaming. This includes repair and modification guides, high-resolution images and documentation of hardware components, programming information, and general information articles (cleaning, tools, displays, etc.). All gaming hardware belongs on the wiki: game consoles and accessories, old gaming computers, and even Tiger Handhelds.

This wiki still has a very long way to go before reaching its goal. One of the greatest ways you could help our growth would be to request new content on the Requests page. If you would like to add new content to the wiki, please see the "How you can help" section below.

How you can help[edit]

Game Tech Wiki needs your help! Everyone is invited to contribute content to the wiki to help us reach our goal, even if you have no technical knowledge. If you are simply looking for content we are missing, please visit the Requests page.

A good start would be to check out the Editing Guide. Here are some ways you can help the wiki grow:


  • General console or manufacturer information
  • Other gaming-related articles
    • Although the focus of the wiki is hardware, there's nothing wrong with adding general gaming articles about specific games or genres. A great example of this is the article on Shmups.
  • High-res photos of hardware
    • This includes circuit boards (motherboards, power boards, controller boards, etc.), casings, and other components. For circuit boards, an ideal photo will have all text on the board be legible. If this is not easily accomplished, multiple photos which focus on certain sections of a particular board can be used. When adding these photos to the site, please include the revision of the board in the file name and description. For an example of board photos, see Sega Genesis Hardware.

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