Sega CD

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Sega CD
Top: Model 1 Sega CD & Model 1 Sega Genesis
Bottom: Model 2 Sega CD & Model 2 Sega Genesis
Manufacturer SEGA
Generation Fourth generation
Release date December 12, 1991 (JP)
October 15, 1992 (NA)
April 19, 1993 (EU)
Media type CD-ROM & CD+G

The Sega Mega-CD (メガCD Mega Shī Dī) (released as the Sega CD in North America) is an add-on device for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis video game console, designed and produced by Sega. The device adds a CD-ROM drive to the console, allowing the user to play CD-based games and providing additional hardware functionality. It can also play audio CDs and CD+G discs. The first version of the Mega-CD sits underneath the Mega Drive console and loads CDs via a motorized tray. A second version places a top-loading CD-ROM drive to the right of the console and is intended primarily for use with the redesigned Mega Drive II. Both versions of the Mega-CD are compatible with the initial two versions of the Mega Drive console, but not with the Genesis 3. There is also a Mega-CD module, used as an add-on device available for the Pioneer LaserActive system.

Technical specifications[edit]

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