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F Connector

RF(Radio Frequency) is a standard of video and audio transmission that is based upon the use of modulated radio signals, originally designed for over the air broadcasting. As the entire video signal as well as the audio are all carried along the same cable, a considerable amount of interference is introduced which results in poor video quality. Physical cabling is coaxial, usually terminated with an F-Connector.


Yellow RCA cable

Composite video is a a standard of Composite video combines the chroma and luma signals of s-video into a single signal. It is most commonly transmitted using an RCA cable, usually with a yellow connector, and is often grouped with red and white audio RCA cables. The inner pin carries the video signal, and the outer ring is ground.

SCART is also capable of carrying composite video. It's also known as CVBS(Color, Video, Blanking, and Sync).


S-video female connector

S-video splits the video signal into two pieces: chroma (color) and luma (brightness). Chroma and luma are sometimes abbreviated by the letters C and Y, respectively.

Pin Assignments
Pin 1 Ground (Luma)
Pin 2 Ground (Chroma)
Pin 3 Luma
Pin 4 Chroma

Component (YPbPr)[edit]

Component cables



Pinout for 21pin SCART cable



HDMI Cable


Quality comparison[edit]