Sega Saturn Teardown

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Tools Needed:

  • Phillips-head screwdrivers (a few sizes)

Step 1 - Setup


Unplug all cables and make sure there is no disc in the drive. Push the power switch on for a few seconds and then off again to drain some of the stored electricity. Go ahead and remove the battery cover on the back now and set it aside.

Step 2 - Remove the top cover

Remove the screws circled in red.

Flip the console over and remove the five screws on the bottom. Turn it back over and lift off the top.

Step 3 - Remove the power board

Remove these two screws.

Start by removing the plastic LED cover to get it out of the way. It's snugly in place but will slide out if pulled firmly straight up. Next we have the option of removing the power board or the CD drive first. I prefer to start with the power board, so that's how I'll proceed.

First remove the two screws on the back of the console near the AC port. Then unplug the gray wires which connect the power switch to the board (indicated by the green arrow). The power board is held down by only one screw located towards the front of the case (blue arrow), so remove that. The power board connect to the motherboard via five tall, thick pins which stick straight up and skewer the plastic connector on the power board close to the read arrow in the picture. The connection here is tight, so what you need to do is reach undereath the edge of the board closest to the connector (indicated by the red arrow) and pull the board straight up and off, being careful not to bend the pins.

Step 4 - Detach the power switch