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Sanwa logo.png

German company which sold pongs in germany.

Sanwa 9009 Video Game

Sanwa 9009
Sanwa 9009.jpg
Manufacturer Sanwa
Release date 1978
Input 2 controllers

Typical pong clone with a small, flat design, sold in Germany by several Companies. This is the common black version sold by Sanwa, Mustang or Poppy. A white variant was sold by the Exclusiv Company.

Sanwa 9012 Color Video Game

Sanwa 9012
Sanwa 9012.jpg
Manufacturer Sanwa
Release date 1977
Input 2 controllers

Very common Pong made in Hong Kong and sold by Sanwa in Germany.

Sanwa 9015 Color-Cassetten

Sanwa 9015
Sanwa 9015.jpg
Manufacturer Sanwa
Release date 1978
Media type 9015 Cartridges
Input 2 controllers

Part of the "9015 systems".