N64 Joystick Controller Replacement

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This is a quick guide on replacing a faulty joystick on an Nintendo 64 controller. This can also be considered a mod if you are upgrading the joystick to a redesigned replacement. Upgrading is recommended because the Nintendo 64 has a poorly designed joystick that is prone to breaking and because the redesigned joystick has better control.

Tools needed:


Step 1[edit]

Begin by removing the 7 #0 Phillips screws from the back of the controller grips as shown. Remove the 2 #00 Phillips screws from the expansion slot. Remove the rear housing and set aside.

Step 2[edit]

Gently remove the Z-Button membrane and board by sliding them to the left and pulling out of the joystick assembly. Remove the 3 #00 Phillips screws holding the joystick assembly in place.

Step 3[edit]

Nintendo 64 Controller Guide2.jpg

Disconnect the joystick data cable and remove the old joystick. To install your new joystick, simply follow these instructions in reverse.

Step 4[edit]

Test out your controller! It should be feeling like new.