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MBO Schmidt & Niederleitner GmbH & Co. KG, a german manufacturer for measuring systems and small electronic items, also tried to get their share of the videogame market. The teleball console is the first of a large serie of systems named "tele-ball" with numbers ranging from 1 to 9. Though they had some cosmetic differences, all these systems were very close to each other in terms of functionality. The Tele-Ball is the most basic system of the whole range, offering only the 4 classic pong games in black & white.The teleball is licensed by Magnavox.

MBO tele-ball[edit]

MBO tele-ball
Generation First generation
Release date 1977

Features fine woodgrain (imitated) and polished aluminium parts of high quality. The two large silver dials on the front panel are used to switch the system on/off and to select games. This system  was sold in the USA by 1st Generation Pong System as Tele-Match 4.

MBO tele-ball II[edit]

MBO tele-ball III[edit]

MBO tele-ball IV[edit]

The tele-ball IV is the colour version of the original Tele-Ball, with the four same games in colour. It even uses the same case with minor differences.

MBO tele-ball V[edit]

MBO tele-ball V
MBO tele-ball V.jpg


  • MBO tele-ball Pistole 0427
  • MBO tele-ball Pistole 0445 (Pistol/Rifle)

MBO tele-ball VI[edit]

MBO tele-ball VII[edit]


  • MBO tele-ball Pistole 0427
  • MBO tele-ball Pistole 0445 (Pistol/Rifle)

MBO tele-ball VIII[edit]

The early Tele-Ball systems were pure pong machines, but the Tele-Ball VIII offers 4 pong games, 2 shooting games and 2 car racing games thanks to its F-4301 chipset from Universal Research Labs.


  • MBO tele-ball Pistole 0427
  • MBO tele-ball Pistole 0445 (Pistol/Rifle)

MBO tele-ball IX[edit]

MBO teleball cassette I & II[edit]

MBO TeleBall Cassette
Release date 1977
Media type PC-50X Cartridges

It belongs to the PC-50X Family, has 2 joysticks which are detachable and connected to the system through connectors placed on each side. According to the manual it is capable to display 4 colors: green, white, yellow and blue. It also had it's own set of cartridges (it's unclear if they were compatible with the other PC-50x cartridges.)

  • 603 - AUTORENNEN (Car Race)
  • 606 - Wipe Out
  • 610 - BALLSPIEL (Ball games)
  • 710 - PANZERSCHLACHT (Tank Game)
  • 765 - MOTORRADRENNEN (MotorCycle)

This system was also sold as the Palladium Tele-Cassetten-Game & Hanimex Optim 600 (they used the same numbered cartridges).


  • MBO Cycling Controller
  • MBO Driving Wheel

MBO TG-621[edit]