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The purpose of this page is to familiarize you with the categories and templates used on this wiki as well as the general style of the various types of articles including how to present certain types of information. You are not obligated to follow the style outlined here, but you should at least add pages you create to the proper category so they can be easily found.

For general information on Wiki syntax, see Help:Editing on Wikipedia.


The most commonly used categories are Company, Console, Mod, Repair, and Teardown. Only use the Console category on the main page about a console; in other words, pages about repairs, accessories, specific hardware components, etc. of a console should not be placed in the Console category. Each console should also be added to the category for its generation. The generation categories are First_generation, Second_generation, ..., Eighth_generation.

There are no computer articles yet on the wiki, but if you create one please use the category Computer.

To add a page to a category, you need to include the line
somewhere in the page's code (preferably at the bottom), where CATEGORYNAME is the name of the category, for example [Category:Repair].

To link to a category page, you can use normal wiki syntax for linking to other pages on the wiki, but you must add : before Category. For instance, the code for this link is [[:Category:Console|this link]]