Game Boy Advance

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Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Game-BoyAdvance.jpg
Original model Game Boy Advance in Indigo.
Manufacturer Nintendo
Generation Sixth generation
Release date ---

--- (PAL)

Media type ROM cartridge
Input controller ---
Predecessor Game Boy Color
Successor Nintendo DS

The Game Boy Advance is the 32-bit handheld console successor to the Game Boy Color. It was developed, manufactured and marketed by Nintendo, and released on March 21, 2001 in Japan; on June 11, 2001 in North America and on June 22, 2001 in Europe and Australia.


The GBA was re-modelled twice, into two different new consoles:

Game Boy Advance SP[edit]

The Game Boy Advance SP (SP meaning Special) was released in early 2003. It brought new features, such as a lit screen and rechargeable batteries. Two models were released, the first one being front-lit and the second one backlit. It also removed the headphone jack, requiring that the user buy an adaptor that goes into the system's charging port to use that functionality in this revision.

A baby blue Game Boy Advance SP.

Game Boy Micro[edit]

Released in 2005, this Game Boy is not much larger than one of the cartridges it plays; It is also one of, if not only, Game Boy system to not have backwards compatibility, i.e., it can only play GBA games, neither the Game Boy nor the Game Boy Color's games are playable on it. However, due to its smaller screen, it has the lowest PPI (pixels per inch), leading to have the sharpest picture out of any stock GBA.

A gray Game Boy Micro.