Famicom Titler

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Famicom Titler
[[File:Famicom Titler.jpg|210px]]
Manufacturer Sharp
Generation Third generation
Release date 1989
Media type ROM cartridge
Predecessor C1 NES TV (1983)

Twin Famicom (1986)

Successor SF-1 SNES TV (1990)

The Famicom Titler (ファミコンタイトラー) (also known as the Famicom Editor (編集ファミコン Henshuu Famicom)) is a Nintendo-licensed Famicom-compatible device produced by Sharp Corporation in 1989. The console was released exclusively in Japan at a retail price of 43,000 yen. The system was the only consumer-level Famicom to internally generate RGB video, the only Famicom system with S-Video output, and it has been noted for its crisp clarity of image. The system also functioned as a subtitle-generator and it could be used in combination with a RF-video camera to create gameplay videos and demos.

Technical specifications

In order to create to S-video output via Nintendo's RP2A03 PPU, an RGB-output-compatible "RC2C05-99" chip was added. Here, RGB video signals generated within the composite outputs were converted to the external S-video signals. At the rear of the Titler's body, RCA composite-pin video outputs and mono audio outputs were located, and peripheral devices could connect only when the video and audio outputs to the associated TV also employed RF connectors and S-Video, allowing gamers to enjoy a crisper image.

CPU: Ricoh RP2CO5 8-bit processor

Technical specifications
CPU Ricoh RP2CO5 8bit
Memory ?
Display ?
Audio ?
Media ?
Input ports ?
Output ports ?
Power ?
Dimensions ?