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Xbox original logo black.png
Xbox console with controller S
Manufacturer Microsoft
Generation Sixth generation
Release date November 15, 2001 (NA)

February 22, 2002 (JP) March 14, 2002 (EU)

Media type DVD, CD, Download
Input 4 controller ports
Predecessor None
Successor Xbox 360 (2005)

The Xbox is a sixth generation console and Microsoft's first home video game console.


To determine what version hardware your Xbox has, see this guide on Xbox-Scene.

Common Problems[edit]

  • The Xbox powers on when plugged in, and the power button does not work.

This is a common problem with early Xbox versions (v1.0 and v1.1) that is usually caused by corrosion of the trace on the motherboard which caries the signal from the power button to the PIC chip. Some related problems you may experience are that the Xbox will shut off during gameplay and that the Xbox may even turn itself on from time to time. For more information, see Xbox Power Trace Repair.