Video Sports Skylark-124

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Video Sports Skylark-124
Video sports Skylark 124.jpg
Manufacturer Sunkyong Ltd. (Korea)
Generation First Generation
Release date 1977

Made by the korean company Sunkyong Ltd, in 1977, this Pong console includes the four classic Pong games on the AY-3-8500 Chip. The Skylark-124 was typically found in Austria and Germany. It has a very basic design, with the controllers detacheable from the console.

Technical specification[edit]

The console features an ON/OFF power switch, RESET button, SELECT GAME switch, BAT SIZE (small/large) switch, BALL SPEED (slow/fast) switch, SLICE (min/max) switch. It has support for color/b&w PAL TV's.

Power: DC 9V