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{{Template:Infobox console|image = [[FileImage:Sega_SG-1000.jpg|thumb230px]]|200pxcaption = Sega SG-1000|Sega Manufacturer = [[SEGA]]|Generation = Third generation|Release date = July 15, 1983 (JP)July 1984 (JP) SG-1000 II|Media type = [[ROM cartridge]], [[Cassette tape]] (SC-3000)|Input Controller = 1 port for SG-1000,2 ports for SG-1000II and SC-3000|Successor = [[Sega Master System]]}}The SG-1000, which stands for Sega Game 1000, was a cartridge-based video game console manufactured by Sega. This system marked Sega's first entry into the home video game hardware business, and while the system was not popular, it provided the basis for it's more successful successor [[Sega Master System]].
The SG-1000 is one of Taiwan's first and best-remembered consoles where it was manufactured and sold under license as "阿羅士" ['Lou Shi'].
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