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Game and console cleaning

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*Isopropy alcohol, at least 90 percent. 70 percents have other adulterant chemicals in them.
**Check the label to make sure they didn't add acetone, as it damages (fogging on bottom side) CDs and leaves a residue on cartridges and connectors, over time this build up and causes problems.
**AlternativlyAlternatively, Denatured Alcohol as it contains none of these other chemicals. You can find it in a hardware store in the paint section.
**The point of using alcohol is that it evaporates very quickly. However, if the concentration (i.e. percentage) is low, the alcohol won't evaporate as quickly. This is why you should use 90% or higher.
*Cotton balls/swabs .
*A rubber eraser ('''not''' on a pencil) for taking off stubborn corrosion on edge contacts.
If you don't have isopropyl alcohol, get some. You can buy a bottle for only a few dollars at any drug store, and one bottle will last you a long time. '''Do not use Windex/Amonia Ammonia based cleaning products''' as they leave a massive residue inside machines that is difficult to completly completely remove from sockets and cartridge connectors, and can after a while cause a short or arching.
: In many instances, it is sufficient to wipe down a console's plastic with a damp cloth to remove most of the dirt. However, if a console has many grooves that can trap dirt or if you suspect there may be bugs living inside, you may need to open the console and completely separate the inside parts from the outer plastic shell to be able to give it a proper cleaning.
: If the console has no stickers or metal pieces, you can inmerse immerse the plastic casing in hot soapy water and wash it thoroughly with a cloth or a toothbrush. After this, leave it to rest in the water for a few minutes, then rinse it and let it air-dry. Keep in mind you might have to blow water out of screw slots, do so with a sharp blast of air.
: A warning about aging plastic: the casing of many older consoles will become brittle over time. This is especially noticeable in 3rd gen and older consoles which have never been opened before. The most common symptom is that some plastic screwholes screw-holes may break off as you attempt to remove the screws, even if you are trying to be gentle. Usually the plastic which breaks off is inside the console, so the outward appearance of the console won't be affected. Keep this in mind and weigh the benefits before doing any work on your older consoles.

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