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<!-- NOTICE BLOCK -->[[File:Gtw_mario.png |right| 300px]]
'''Welcome to Game Tech Wiki!''' The goal of this wiki is to provide repairs, mods, and technical information for all video gaming hardware.
/vr/ Repair and Mod thread [http Current /vr/ thread?task=search2&ghost=yes&search_subject=Repair%2FMod&search_op=all&search_del=dontcare&search_int=dontcare&search_ord=new&search_capcode=all&search_res=op Archive]<br>[ Message board]
Are you looking for a guide or information that the wiki is currently lacking? Ask for it on the [[:Game Tech Wiki:Requests|Requests]] page.
For info on emulation, see [[emulation:Main Page|Emulation General Wiki]].
====New Content====
* [[Dreamcast Teardown]]
* [[Atari 7800 Teardown]]
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===Useful Linkslinks ===*[[:Game Tech Wiki:Editing guide|Editing guide]]*[[Game and Console Cleaningconsole cleaning]]
*[[emulation:Display FAQ|Display FAQ]]
*[[:Category:Mod|List of mods]]
*[[:Category:Repair|List of repairs]]
*[[:Category:Teardown|List of teardowns]]
*[[List of service manuals]]
*[[:Category:Teardown|List of teardowns]]
==Game Companiescompanies == 
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===First (1972-1980)===
*[[Atari Pong Consolesconsoles]]
*[[Coleco Telstar]]
*[[Color TV Game]]
*[[Fairchild Channel F]]
*[[Magnavox Odyssey 2Odyssey²]]
*[[Milton Bradley Microvision]]
*[[Nintendo Game & Watch]]
===Seventh (2004-)===
*[[Nintendo DS]]
*[[Playstation PlayStation 3]]
*[[PlayStation Portable]]
*[[Nintendo 3DS]]
*[[Playstation PlayStation 4]]
*[[PlayStation Vita]]
*[[Steam Machine]]
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===Ninth (2017-)===*[[Nintendo Switch]]*[[PlayStation 5]]|style="padding:0.5em;" | ====Other lists====
*[[:Category:Console|List of consoles by name]]
*[[:Category:Handheld|List of handhelds by name]]

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