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Xbox Softmodding

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* An ''Action Replay'' or some other method of transferring save files to an Xbox memory card
* An official, Microsoft-branded memory card (while the Action Replay does come with a memory card, it's cheaply made and is likely to become corrupted)
* Some technical know-how
** How to use FTP
** How to add/remove IDE HDD's and set the jumper
** How to access xbins, where most of the files you need are located (explained below)
[ Xbins] is a website which serves as a stockpile of all the exploits and apps you need and want for your softmodded Xbox. You won't find any of the files on the site, though; they are located on an FTP server to which you must obtain a temporary username and password by visiting the #xbins IRC channel. It is very important that you learn how to use xbins.
To access xbins, you need an IRC client and an FTP client. Just about any IRC client will work (I use mIRC in Windows and Konversation in Ubuntu), but xbins is very particular about the type of FTP client you use: it requires an FTP client that does not attempt to use multiple connections to download files. It recommends FlashFXP, SmartFTP, and CuteFTP.

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