Sega CDX/Multi-Mega

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Sega CDX/Multi-Mega
[[File:Sega Multi Mega.jpg|230px]]
Manufacturer SEGA
Generation Fourth generation
Release date 1994 (NA)

1995 (PAL)

Media type ROM cartridge, CD

Released in 1994 in North America under then name Sega CDX. A portable CD player that plays both Mega Drive and Mega-CD games, as well as audio CDs, and CD+G discs. Resembling a slightly longer version of the typical portable CD player of the day. About 5,000 CDX units were released in North America, and are considered rare and collectable.

Unlike the Mega-CD, its compact size and addition of a headphone port enabled it to play audio CDs on the move, powered by two AA batteries. However, unless high end batteries such as lithiums were used, it would drain the batteries fairly quickly. The unit featured front-mounted CD control buttons as well as a backlit LCD screen to display the track number. An extra line-out port was provided for connection to stereo equipment. However, games could only be played while the unit was powered by its main PSU and connected to a television, unlike the portable Sega Nomad.

Technical specifications[edit]

Multi-Mega mainboard

Various information[edit]

  • Some Mega-CD games when played on the Sega Multi-Mega had freezing and lock-up issues during heavy FMV (Full Motion Video) sequences, or graphically intense areas.
  • Despite the lack of Sega's approval, the Sega 32X is compatible with the Multi-Mega/CDX if properly connected.
  • An adapter cartridge from Datel, also called the CDX, often causes confusion due to its name and function. This cartridge was sold in Europe and allowed Mega-CD games from most regions to be played on the Mega-CD & Mega-CD2.