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A german company which started with Pong consoles and brought us the quite famous (in Europe) VC 4000.

Pong consoles[edit]

The AC/DC 9V Adaptor was usually sold separately and came from two brands:

  • Netzteil Interton VD 355 (code VD-355)
  • Ebro Interton VD 355 ( code EB 006/007)

Interton Video 2000[edit]

Main article: Interton Video 2000

Interton Video 2400[edit]

This system is like the Video 3000 system but with paddles and without the gun option. It's very compact compared to the larger Video 2800 or Video 3000 systems.

It was designed to be sold worldwide as there are no text labels but only logical pictograms. The Thomson JV1T for example, is an example of rebadged Video 2400 system for foreign markets (France in this case).

Despite the fact that it uses a common AY-3-8500 GI chipset, if offers 5 games, one more than what the chip can normally do. The bonus game is a "5 paddles" soccer game (in fact 2 paddles for left player and 3 for right one). It is normaly possible to play it on any pong system (GI chipset powered) if you can manage to not select any game (game switch must not indicate any game). Some systems, like the Interton Video 2400 can play this game natively though.

Interton Video 2501[edit]

Interton Video 2501
Interton Video 2501.jpg
Release date 1977

This was found in France too. There it was sold under the Thomson and the Continental Edison brand. This is the smallest of the Interton systems that always had that flat, black design. This is the modified color variant of the video 2400. It offered 3 games for one or 2 players.

Interton Video 2800[edit]

This is probably one of the rarest Interton Pong systems. It offered a 'Robot' mode where you could play against the 'computer' and 2 racing games. Up to 4 player can play the 2 pong style games.

Interton Video 3000[edit]

Interton Video 3000
Interton Video 3000.jpg
Manufacturer Interton
Generation First Generation
Release date 1987
Input 2 controllers

Well, at least, this system includes a lightgun port. In fact, it's a 2400-like system with the shooting games of the AY-3-8500 chipset implemented.

It was designed to be sold worldwide as there are no text but only logical pictograms. There is also a knob on the upper left used to adjust the TV output channel.

Interton Video 3001[edit]

The case looks exactly like the Video 3000.

Video game consoles[edit]