Blinking Light Win

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The Blinking Light Win was a modification for all side-loading NES/Famicom consoles by Arcade Works. It began as a Kickstarter project in 2016.


The NES' original design had a side-loading mechanism, commonly cited as a way to further distance the system from being a games console as the American video game crash had been rather recent at the time. The game would be inserted on its side, the pins facing inside the machine, then pushed down to establish contact with the pins inside to read the cartridge data. However, as the decades wore on, the pins would get more and more bent, increasing the chances of the user accidentally triggering the system's built-in bootleg protection (which is supposed to prevent bootlegged copies from being played on your NES) and rendering users unable to play even their legitimately authorized copies of games and left to constantly unseat and reseat the pins to get the game to run (which would make it even worse as its having its typical wear-and-tear cycle forcibly being done inadvertently). The Blinking Light Win solves this by moving the pins up to the same level as the cartridge itself, making wear-and-tear on pins significantly reduced.