Twin Famicom

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Twin Famicom
Sharp Twin Famicom Console.jpg
Manufacturer Sharp
Generation Third generation
Release date July 1, 1986
Media type ROM cartridge

Famicom Disk Card

Compatibility NES(Famicom)
Input 2 controller ports
Successor Famicom Titler (1989)

The Twin Famicom (ツインファミコン tsuinn fuamikonn) was produced by Sharp Corporation in 1986, and was only released in Japan. It is a licensed Nintendo product, and is basically the Famicom and the Famicom Disk system which have been combined into a single piece of hardware.


  • AN-500R: Twin Famicom console, red with black highlights
  • AN-500B: Twin Famicom console, black with red highlights
  • AN-505-BK: Twin Famicom console, black with green highlights and turbo controllers
  • AN-505-RD: Twin Famicom console, red with beige highlights and turbo controllers
  • AN-58C: RF-Converter
  • VO-U42S: Sharp 3D System, rebranded Nintendo Famicom 3D System
  • UADP-0041CEZZ: Power supply for AN-500, AN-505


Audio issues[edit]

There is a known problem, likely a mistake in the PCB-layout, with low-pass filtered audio. To fix this, you can remove capacitor "C205" which you will find between the white and yellow jacks. This will result in a much clearer audio.

Technical specifications[edit]

  • CPU: 6502 modified at 1.79 MHz
  • RAM: 2 KB work RAM, 2 KB video RAM, 32 KB extra work RAM in FDS mode, 8 KB extra video RAM in FDS mode
  • ROM: FDS BIOS and 60-pin "cassette" (cartridge) slot
  • Audio: 5 voice, two channels square wave, one channel triangle, one channel noise, one channel PCM
  • Graphics: 256x240 pixels, 64 sprites, display 25 colors out of 53