3DO FZ-10 Laser

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The 3DO FZ-10 uses a Sanyo SF-92.5 laser. It has two ribbon cables: one has 4 pins and is about 6.5cm in length, and the other has 11 pins and is about 5.5cm. See the gallery below to understand how these measurements were made.

Locating a Replacement[edit]

The Sanyo SF-92.5 has reportedly been used in devices other than the 3DO FZ-10. It may be the same laser as in the FZ-1, but this has not yet been confirmed.

A few computer drives used the laser as well, including the Creative CR-563 and Creative CR-563B.

Apparently some variations of this laser exist as replacement components for some Mercedes vehicles, but the cable lengths need to be physically adjust to function properly. More information can be found in the related links.

Related repairs[edit]

If the laser in your FZ-10 does not move back and forth, it may be because the lubricant on the rails on which the laser sits has dried and needs to be replaced. A guide explaining how to do this can be found here.


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